Cultivation Restoration

Maximize Quality and Yields

As commercial cannabis cultivation is part science and part art, only under ideal conditions can you maintain optimal plant health in order to achieve the desired yields and product quality. When issues arise, it’s imperative that you quickly and efficiently mitigate the risk of cross-contamination and further degradation of crop health. Whether it’s related to the emergence of pests and pathogens, failed environmental controls, plant spacing and structuring, or improper technique, let Joywave work to identify, assess, and develop a corrective plan of action to bring your garden back to full health.

We understand that new equipment and retrofits can be costly while minor environmental and procedural tweaks can make all the difference. Our goal is to optimize your existing infrastructure and reduce the need for substantial reinvestment into your cultivation facility. Joywave will perform an on-site assessment of cultivation key performance indicators and provide a complete report detailing our findings tied to: staffing, environmental conditions, irrigation and fertigation, pests and pathogens, genetics, vegetative and flowering plant health, trimming, drying, and curing practices, and facility cleanliness.

We aim to keep assessments simple. We can review existing documentation tied to your issues in a virtual setting, or bring our cultivation expertise on-site for in-person assessments. Either way, let Joywave help you diagnose and treat your toughest cultivation challenges so you can get back to operating at your full potential.