Strategic Consulting

Tailored to Your Project

Entering the regulated cannabis industry can be intimidating due to a patchwork of rules and regulations guiding individual marketplaces. As a result, the regulatory landscape from one state, county, or municipality to the next can be difficult to navigate. Our strategic consulting and project management services can be tailored to the needs of your start-up business or existing licensed operation. We believe offering hourly support allows clients to utilize the time as they see fit while tapping into our knowledge, expertise, and guidance as needed.

To facilitate our strategic consulting we utilize the leading video conferencing software, providing a personalized touch and the ability to record working sessions. We also track our time in real-time using third-party time tracking software, ensuring transparency and visibility into our engagement.

While each project is unique, frequently covered topics in our working sessions include:

  • General cannabis industry Q&A sessions
  • Cultivation, manufacturing, and retail dispensary start-up guidance
  • Business and financial planning
  • Analysis of state and local regulations
  • License application preparation
  • Staffing and day-to-day operations
  • Real estate guidance or review
  • Facility design coordination
  • Safety and security planning
  • Architectural and engineering coordination
  • Equipment recommendations and sourcing
  • Development of operating plans and procedures
  • Operational compliance
  • Operational assessments and recommended improvements