Proven Cannabis Consultants

The leadership team at Joywave Consulting have been actively involved in professional cannabis business consulting since 2014. Having worked together in the past to build one of the country’s premier cannabis consulting companies, Medicine Man Technologies, we have extensive experience consulting recreational and medical cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, and dispensaries. From initial planning, through license procurement, start up, and operations, we’ve supported projects in over 20 states and abroad.

We deliver hands-on guidance to groups seeking a trusted team to help them navigate the ever-changing demands of planning, launching, operating, and scaling a successful cannabis company. Our approach with each project is consistent; we succeed by helping our clients identify resources and solutions to save them time and money in this competitive new industry.

Our passion is the pursuit of cannabis reform and the end of cannabis prohibition, furthering the acceptance of responsible cannabis use in our society, and utilizing our experience to help you succeed, quickly and efficiently. We believe we can build a better future together, one in which cannabis is legalized, destigmatized, and widely accessible for patients and consumers.

Matt Best

As Managing Partner, Matt’s focus is marketing and business development, strategic partnerships, and client services. He holds a BA in Communication and Integrated Marketing Communications from SUNY Geneseo in Upstate New York. Go Bills. As an original investor and employee of Medicine Man Technologies, Matt was instrumental in the pre-public, startup phase of the company’s growth, eventually leading to his role as Co-Director of Professional Services at the organization alongside Carrie. Prior to his career in cannabis, Matt was the Media Supervisor at TDA Boulder, a full-service ad agency in which he oversaw the planning, buying, and execution of regional and national advertising campaigns for clients. He has a strong background in communication and public speaking, brand and media strategy, client services, and project management. Matt enjoys photography and time spent exploring the American West where he resides with his family in Denver, Colorado.


Stuart Ware

As Managing Partner, Stuart’s focus is the training and rehabilitation of new and existing cultivation operations, business development, and client services. He holds a BA in Marketing from Illinois State University in Bloomington Illinois. As the 4th employee of Medicine Man Technologies, Stuart worked alongside Matt and Carrie during the startup phase of the company’s growth. Prior to MMT his cannabis career began at Medicine Man Denver where he excelled in managing a 40,000sqft indoor cultivation facility and training MMT consulting clients.  His love for the plant and desire for producing quality flower started as a passion more than a decade ago and quickly became his driving force.  Stuart enjoys growing, hiking, skiing and spending time with family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Carrie Roberts

As Strategic Advisor, Carrie’s focus is on business development, strategic partnerships, and client services. A Colorado native, she holds a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. As a former Deputy Sheriff and Corrections Officer, Carrie is now on the Speakers Bureau for LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership), an international non-profit where she speaks to both policymakers and the public regarding criminal justice and drug policy reform measures. Carrie was also on the standards creation board for FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards), an independent non-profit source for the creation of cannabis industry standards and best practices. In addition to her law enforcement experience, she has over 14 years of entrepreneurial business experience, with a strong background in strategic consulting and strategy development, as well as expertise in business development, project management, marketing, and customer experience management. A true adventure enthusiast and thrill seeker, Carrie resides with her family in Parker, Colorado.


Be Water

“Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee